JK Editions

When I’m gone, I’ll pass this work along to my family.

Photography is my way of creating a legacy that is lasting and tangible. I like to think of the pieces in my Editions as windows: openings that invite inspection, reflection and appreciation. They are objects that remind us to stop every once-in-a-while — to slow down and look.

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I have known for a while that I’m going to be a photographer for the rest of my life. I grew up in suburban Toledo, Ohio, the son of an artist and a businessman. My mom handed me her used Minolta SLR when I was 15. That camera led to my first job as the high school newspaper photographer in 1986 and I have been making pictures ever since. Along the way I earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado. While living in San Francisco, I continued my education at the California College of the Arts, Art Center, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

I will leave the legacy of my work with my family when I am gone. I want those that collect my work to be able to do the same.